12th May 2018

Project Charter

Project Charter

We put the following common sense points together to aid the smooth running of our projects.  These points are based on our experiences over the years and are simply here to help clarify both yours and our expectations from the very outset of your project.  The majority of projects will run for around 6 months, so being clear on this from the beginning should ensure that we all know what to expect and allow us work together to achieve your project goals.  If you have any questions with any of the points below then do get in touch.


  1. Be honest and open.  We aren’t ‘Yes’ people – if we think what you want to do won’t work or shouldn’t be done or could compromise your chances of success….we will tell you.
  2. Interpret your brief and your priorities to create a project design that meets your project aims.
  3. Produce quality drawings and documentation relevant to the stage of the project.
  4. Work towards your timescales.
  5. Offer advice and guidance relating to your project and the best ways to achieve your project aims.
  6. Work with your best interests in mind and work towards your priorities.
  7. Keep you updated and informed of progress or any issues.
  8. Remain independent from any suppliers, contractors or other consultants and professionals.
  9. Provide you with enough information to make informed decisions.
  10. Keep things as simple as possible.
  11. Aim to make the process an enjoyable experience.
  12. Advise you of the need to appoint other consultants, professionals or contractors if/when required for your project.


  1. Be honest and open, communicating any questions, comments or issues as soon as you are aware of them.
  2. Provide information to create a design brief with set parameters – i.e. timeframes, budgets, aims/goals for the project.
  3. Sign-off the drawings and documentation at various stages to progress the project.
  4. Understand that there may be compromises and surprises along the way.
  5. Remember that building work is complex, very messy, noisy and disruptive.
  6. When requested, provide information and/or decisions in a timely manner to avoid delays.
  7. Understand that Daintree Design cannot guarantee the outcome of any applications for permission or guarantee the quality of any workmanship on-site.
  8. Remember that the client is responsible for certain aspects of the project, such as informing your insurers of the work, Health & safety under the CDM regulations and notifying neighbours of the work if it falls under the Party Wall Act.  If you have any questions, then please do let us know.
  9. Understand that other consultants, professionals or contractors may be required to answer queries or to provide further information to enable the project to move forward.