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Office Extension

Our Hove based client is seeking to create more Office space to expand their Business.

At Daintree we’re happy working on a variety of project types and styles.  While the majority of our projects are for private residential properties, we have a broad experience across many sectors, from industrial sheds to schools and Hospitals to Houses (private and commercial).

One of our latest projects is for the extension of an existing office building, to create an additional floor to cater for the planned expansion of business operations.

Due to the location and the proximity of neighbouring buildings there are many constraints to bear in mind, as well as the requirements of the client.

Knowing there are risks, we have tailored our involvement to a specific step-by-step approach to ensure Planning and Technical feasibility is explored prior to committing to more detailed Planning and Building Regulations  stages.  We always like to keep things as flexible as possible and we offer this flexible approach to all of our clients, domestic of commercial, to provide a value for money service without locking our clients into full scheme contracts.

Our initial sketch proposals meet the client requirements, now to see if the Planning Department feel there is scope to extend.


Don’t forget to find us on social media:

Don’t forget to find us on social media: